Budugu talked about Santhosham

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Another from Budugu –

Santhosham – another favorite movie – the songs, performances, the characters, bonne ambience, everything – I simply can’t help it.

Whenever I see a movie by Sri Durga Arts banner, I get a feeling of deja vu. When I saw Kshana kshanam I fell in love with the movie but somebody told me that it was a copy of an English movie. When I saw Hello Brother I could instantly recognize that Nagarjuna was doing what Jackie Chan did in Twins. Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu was a remake of a Tamil movie and I never had to strain my gray cells to recognize the similarities between Dongaata and French Kiss. Their latest movie Santosham is yet again a clever adaptation of another movie – Kuch Kuch Hota Hain.

Wondering why clever? None of the scenes in Santosham are lifted from the original like our copy masters did in Tammudu (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar) and Vamsi (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). The basic story line of Kuch Kuch Hota Hain has been copied and modified. Copying is indeed an art and people working for Sri Durga Arts seem to excel at it. How I wish I had taken some lessons from them for my final exams. I surely would have scored a better rank than Rani.

Agreed that they have copied the story line, but how could they cheat us with the heroine of the movie? Gracy Singh was touted as the main heroine in the pre-release publicity of Santosham. But can you believe that it is Sriya (also known as Sreya) who has a major role than Gracy in the movie? May be the producers felt Gracy’s grace was nothing when compared to Shriya. Tsk! This new girl Shriya is very cute. I accidentally blurted this out to Rani and God knows how much convincing I had to do to pacify an angered Rani. She admires Nag a lot and when I complain about that she yells at me saying that the only reason such insecurity creeps into me is because I feel I am not as handsome as Nag. But I don’t agree to that and she makes me eat my own pie by saying that if that’s the case then I don’t have to complain at all in the first place. Whatever may be the case, girls these days are becoming too intelligent. They have answers for each and everything.

We have a new shorty – Gracy Singh – in this film. She reminded me of Jaya Bachchan most of the times, whenever she had to raise her head 80 degrees upwards to look into the eyes of Nagarjuna. I heard somebody saying that she looked like an elder sister to Nagarjuna. Is that a comment on Gracy Singh or a compliment to Nag?

Punjabis have this penchant for English names. How else would one justify names like Lucky Singh, Lovely Singh, Happy Singh, Merry Singh, Gracy Singh, Honey Singh … the list goes on. Do you know what that name of Nag and Gracy’s son in this film is? It is Lucky! Did Gracy Singh suggest the name Lucky to the director?

Try recollecting the last film in which Nagarjuna cried. It was ‘Nuvvu Vastavani‘, when he comes to know that his mother is no more. Nagarjuna again wept a couple of times in ‘Santosham’. Did you get the link? Santosham is Nag’s biggest hit after ‘Nuvvu Vastavani’. Nag, with his usual charm, attracts girls to theaters who in turn pull in guys like magnets attracting rusty iron pieces. Now with his tears he has devised a new strategy of attracting the ladies (read aunties) who have now a days become couch potatoes sitting before the TV watching their favorite sitcoms. If ladies are wooed, then given their generous nature, they bring along their kids and husbands too. No wonder theaters screening Santosham are jam-packed. I am sure K Vijaya Bhaskar has noted down this point of inserting some crying scenes for Nagarjuna in ‘Manmadhudu‘ too in a bid to make it a hit.

Given my ample free time during these summer holidays, I have been trying to analyze what it takes to make a hit film. After watching a couple of films countless times, I have come up with a 3-point theory for a film to become hit.

1. Positive or negative? Be definitive: Every film has both positive and negative points. When positive points dominate the negative points, the film becomes a hit. If negative aspects take over positive aspects, then the film goes for a toss.

2. Not just actor but also character: A hero appears good in one film and bad in another film. But its not so. Hero is the same. What’s different is his characterization. If the characterization is good, we fall in love with the character even though it does bad things and judge the hero to be good in that film.

3. Max for Climax: Did you ever try to guess what lingers most in the minds of the audience when they come out of the theater? It’s neither the hero introduction nor the twist in interval but the climax. As it’s the last scene of the film that stays in the minds of the audience. If the climax is good, then the movie floats with pride and if the climax is bad, the film sinks into oblivion.

I was told that Chiranjeevi could not attend the audio function of Santosham due to some ‘unavoidable’ reasons. Do you know what Chiru did instead? He sent an ‘All the best and a Happy Ugadi‘ message to all the Nagarjuna fans through Allu Arvind. Looks like Chiru’s wishful presence is doing wonders.

The only unhappy moments in this otherwise happy movie are when Kota tries to crack some jokes. The type of jokes he cracks completely cracked my sense of humor. He is supposed to be Nag’s boss and the head of L&T Company (New Zealand branch). Now does L&T stand for Laughandi & Tittandi? I am also glad that he is called ‘Himsa Raju‘ and not ‘Hasya Raju‘ in the movie.

Ah Feelings! No, I am not talking about the brand of ladies undergarments, you perverts. I am indeed taking about the new wave of movie titles churned out these days talking about feelings. Ullasam, Anandam, Paravasam, Istam, Santosham …. Can we expect movies with titles like Pulakarintha, Kavvintha, Udvegam, Aaratam, Akrosham etc in the near future? Lets wait and watch.

Guys, I got to go. Rani and I are going to watch Santosham again. She told me that she liked Nag’s action very much in the movie and that she has to watch the movie again for that reason. I am not as gullible as she thinks. I told her that I was moved by Shriya’s action and that I would definitely accompany her to the movie just for Shriya. Before Rani doubted my intentions I quickly added – just for Shriya’s action.

Budugu – the famous character of Mullapudi Venkata Ramana- talked about Manmadhudu

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What is Budugu Blah Blah?
Budugu – the famous cartoon character from Mullapudi Venkata Ramana and Bapu combo – jumps into idlebrain team and tells you cute little things every week. Listen to this 10-year-old naughty kid talk sense and share his valuable gossip!

Who is not a fan of Sirivennela and his beautiful lyrics? I listen to Sirivennela’s lyrics carefully and I remember this line written by him for a song in Eeswar that says – Evari kalalakotaku maharaaju vaaderaa! This is a universal statement that is applicable to everybody starting from a roadside beggar to the world’s richest millionaire. Why I am blurting all this is because I want to conveniently modify Sirivennela’s lyrics and quote my own statement – ‘Evari Kalalakotaki Manmadhudu vaaderaa’. Rani tells me that I am the most handsome guy in this world. Don’t you agree? I am Manmadhudu and Rani is my Rathi Devi. When it comes to Telugu filmdom, who else can justify the title Manmadhudu other than Nag? I saw this film twice already and I could not hold back sharing my ramblings with you guys!

It made news when this film was announced is the combination of Trivikram and Vijaya Bhaskar. The rumor that was splashed at that time was the astronomical amount that is paid to this successful duo. I made my own research and found that director Vijaya Bhaskar is paid a remuneration of 1 crore. A happy Nag was impressed so much with the work that he presented a swanky ship-like car to Vijaya Bhaskar. Dialogue and storywriter Trivikram is paid a fat sum of 70 lakhs. I guess I should become a director like Vijaya Bhaskar when I grow up. But Rani says I should be in the position of Nagarjuna when I grow up so that I could employee people like Vijaya Bhaskar. Women are greedy. What do you say? Or is that why they say, behind every successful man there is a woman?

When I speak about Trivikram, I just can’t resist from commenting on his adeptness in copying scripts and ideas from Hollywood films.

1. The basic point of ‘he hates women’ is inspired by Mel Gibson’s home production ‘What women want’. Hero gets electrocuted in that film there by getting special gift of listening to what women speak to themselves. Here Nagarjuna fixes secret mikes to find out what women are talking.

2. Nagarjuna suffers from Hydrophobia in this film. When he resists crossing a water bridge, heroine Sonali asks Nag to look into her eyes and walk over the bridge. In the climax, the same Nagarjuna jumps into the Godavari river to reach heroine who is taken in a boat to the marriage venue. Both these concepts (hero looking into heroine’s eyes to forget Hydrophobia and the same hero jumping into water for heroine in climax) are ripped off from another foreign flick ‘Four for Venice’.

3. Did you remember ‘Chelia Chelia’ – the last song in this film – where hero travels on a range of vehicles to reach the marriage venue? The same kind of thing was done in a Telugu film earlier titled ‘Holi’ starring Uday Kiran for a song called ‘Priyatama’ Nobody bothers here if you are original or not.

What audience want is whether he/she got entertainment worth his/her ticket price or not. And Trivikram knows it better than anybody. That’s why I remember somebody saying – ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’. When I was watching Manmadhudu film with Rani, she realized at one point that ‘Manmadhudu’ would become a super hit. I felt proud about her instincts and felt really happy that she would assist me the same way when I become a big director in future. I asked her as to what made her think that way. She immediately told that Nagarjuna cried in this film and that all films of Nag in which he cries became blockbusters. These women never change! Sentiment is the best form of ointment for their weird mentalities!! Another point I notice in this film is a red sports car getting out of shape when a drunken Nag jams his car into a big lorry. This scene has similarities with ‘Santosham’ – the heroine dies because of car accident in the flashback.

Coming to the rapport between Trivikram and Vijaya Bhaskar – I have an interesting observation to make. I am told that Trivikram don’t write dialogues just like that. Both these guys (Vijaya Bhaskar and Trivikram) sit in a closed room and the take the roles of two characters and start talking to each other and give repartees and counters. Then they would pick up the best counters and dialogues from the conversation they make. That is the reason why the films made in this combination (Trivikram – Vijaya Bhaskar) would become hilarious comedies. Talking about sentiments, I am told that Vijaya Bhaskar and Trivikram watch the first show (11 am show on release day) of their films in Thirupati and Bheemavaram (Trivikram hometown) respectively.

A talk about glamour in this film. Nagarjuna is looking ravishing with his killer looks. Do you know the secret behind Nag looking extra-glamorous in this film? I am told it is none but the cinematographer Sameer Reddy. It is rumored that Sameer Reddy instructed Nagarjuna to take a 4-hour sleep before the shoot. Sameer used to wake Nagarjuna up an hour before that shoot. When Nagarjuna gets up from a sound sleep, he looks pretty fresh and extra-glamorous. Do you guess what happens when our other top heroes wake up from sleep? Their face looks very chubby (Well, some of them are already extra-chubby. Is it not?)

As Rani is engrossed in looking at the charm of Nagarjuna in three party songs of Manmadhudu, I can’t help deviating my attention to the female dancers at the backdrop.

I am having a good flow today. But Rani is having a bad temper. She does not like me addressing girls (lots of visitors of idlebrain are girls, I heard). I tried explaining Rani that Manmadhudu has only one girl friend – that is Rathi Devi. Would anybody save me from this over-protective Rani?