Pilates Barre

After returning from my India trip, I have decided to squeeze in some time to attend some classes at Health and Racquet Club either in the morning or during lunch time on weekdays as I do not want to restrict my workout activity only to Fridays and weekends. On that line of thought, today I have attended Pilates Barre during my lunch break. I have attended this session few months ago with a different instructor. Today it was a real torture. Oh my God, every part of my body aches, especially my thighs. Few things I could not even do, but I could practice them at home if I wish to get back to this class at this hour. But I was kept on telling myself that this was the last time I was attending this class. Forty-five minutes elapsed and I am still alive. And guess what? I want to get back to this class again even though it hurts. I am not able to do certain things hurts me more than the real body aches. So I’ll see how much I would succeed with my new regime….