New York – Part 1

“City that never sleeps” – always fascinates me with its beauty, courage, strength, casual, huge crowds, multiculturalism, public transportation, restaurants, and what not.

May be I have lived most of my life (31 years) here – Sekhar antuntadu appudappudu – “Bhoomi puttinappudu puttaru ani’ – I always remember that, especially when ever I fill the online forms and check for my date of birth – dragging the mouse pointer down the listbox (pathalamloki velthunnatu anipisthundi).

I am able to survive everything that happened to me is because I live in New York – and “I  NY”. Otherwise by this time I would have been certainly in a mental hospital.

The city gave me many many sweet, many good, some bad, some worse memories. I have vivid memories of most of the places my husband and I visited. We did take long walks during weekends. He never wanted to stay at home Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We were walking a lot. He knew the history of some of the buildings very well – from its architectural point of view, type of granite used etc., Many of our extended family members had experienced the mini New York tours with him would acknowledge that fact.

The city offers many opportunities to give back to the society in whatever way we can. so what and how we give is up to us – Sky is the limit for our imagination.

One of the logos that draws my attention in the recent AIDS walk 2011 – “Giving back never goes out of style”