Oopiri – an emotional roller-coaster journey

imageOopiri – an emotional roller coaster journey.

That is what #Oopiri is all about – an apt tag line – ‪#‎celebrationOfLifeYOLOYou Only Live Once – Make it Count 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

“Life is not the amounts of breaths you take; It’s the moments that take your breath away” – Hitch

It is those moments you are by yourself physically and emotionally and analysing your life, experiencing your life, enriching your life and celebrating your life.

I have been reading rave reviews on Oopiri from film critics since its release. Most of the standard newspapers in India and some websites have given 4/5 rating. Overwhelmed with happiness.

  1. The Hindu: “Celebration of Life, indeed” by Sangeetha Devi  ****
  1. Deccan Chronicle: “Beautiful, emotional journey” ****
  1. Times Of India: “Oopiri is a beautiful film”**** and average readers’ rating 4.3
  1. India Today: “Oopiri is a beautiful film – All the right buttons pressed in this film” 3.5
  1. iDreampost: “Oopiri is a beautiful film; If Karthi is the life of the film, then Nagarjuna is its soul” by Hemanth ****
  • Two big thumbs up for Oopiri. It’s a film which you shouldn’t miss. Because, it’s the kind of film which makes you believe in the principle of YOLO – You Only Live Once. Make it count. Breathe and be thankful that you’ve the greatest gift that one could ask for – to be alive. Smile. Walk. Run. Fly. Live again.
  • http://www.idreampost.com/oopiri-movie-review/
  1. bollywoodhollywoodnet: “Karthi-and-Nagarjunas-epic-bromance-makes-this-comedy-drama-a-must-watch” ****


I can’t imagine how the whole team Oopiri celebrating the success, celebrating those Oopiri moments, celebrating the life …

It is their conviction that wins, their faith that wins, it is their passion that wins.

In a prelease oopiri team interview (the director, the producer and the main cast), the host has asked Nagarjuna how he could act sitting in a wheelchair  and charm the audience after Soggadae Chinnin Nayana where imagehe was bubbling with so much energy and he replied  ‘wheelchair lo kurchini chimpaeddamani’ with a burst of laughs among the team. He DID it INDEED, one of his career’s best performances.  Proud to be his admirer on any day, no ifs and buts. And of course as he coreectly points out in that interview, Oopiri will become a feather in his cap. He has so many of those …

There are few things touched my heart at Oopiri audio launch event and stayed there since then.

  1. Starting with the captain of the ship – the director, Vamshi Paidipally, told that he has reinvented himself with this movie and was almost in tears when he was acknowledging his love and gratitude to three persons – people behind his reinvention – Nagarjuna, Karthi and PVP garu
  2. Another noteworthy point mentioned by Vamshi – “most of the time people are in wheel chairs only” – literally not physically handicapped but practically and emotionally handicapped – not able to do the things/ or not do anything (lack of push to do) which they really want to do due to any reason not able to do; for all those #Oopiri gives inspiration to celebrate life.
  3. Prakash Raju garu – speaking from his heart and did not want to talk about the performances of the main cast rather he would prefer to talk about their characters in the real world – talking about Nagarjuna – he has pinpointed that the growth of a person is not measured in monetary terms but how much he helped others around him to grow in the process of his growing and in those terms “Nagarjuna is so rich, so wonderful and so loved”.
  4. Karthi in his speech mentioned that he was so excited to act with Nagarjuna and after working with him, his love for Nagarjuna had grown even more as it does not normally work that way as we had some expectations on certain persons and after meeting them or after being with them for certain period, we wouldn’t feel the same about that person any more. He is damn right about that. That was the fear I had for a very long time to meet Nagarjuna. But it turned out to be exactly the same way as Karthi felt for Nagarjuna. It really happened to us after meeting Nagarjuna last month when I was in India, and my love and admiration for him have been manifold million times. He has such a warm heart.
  5. Besides other things Nagarjuna has spoken at the audio launch, I got stuck with one thing very deeply – he strongly admitted that if we wish for anything intensely, it would materialize (“What do they say about the universe conspiring to make things happen when you really want something?” That’s what has happened  ‪#‎Oopiri ‪#‎SpecialMomentsInLife ‪#‎alwaysAlwaysHappens
  6. And Nagarjuna endearingly embraced Karthi as his younger brother. The off-screen bonding is very clearly seen on-screen

The whole cast and crew earned respect” –  very true as Vamshi Paidipally has responded on the success of this movie

Some compliments for the cast and crew from media

People behind Commercial Masala films assume audience to be brain less idiots whereas people behind Oopiri respect audience’s intelligence”  – Ram Gopala Varma

“ఈ సినిమాలోని గొప్పదనం ఏంటంటే…
మామూలుగా మనం ఏదైనా సినిమా చూస్తుంటే మనకి బాగున్న సీన్స్ దగ్గర ఫీల్ అవుతాం.
వాటి గురించి బయటకొచ్చి చెప్పుకుంటాం.
కానీ ఈ సినిమా అంతా కూడా గుండె బరువెక్కే ఒక మంచి ఫీల్ తో చూస్తాం.
అది మొదటి సీన్ నుండే డైరెక్టర్ ప్రిపేర్ చేస్తాడు.
సో ఈ సినిమా అంతా ఒక సింగిల్ సీన్ అనుకుంటే గనక ఆ సీన్ మహా అద్భుతం” – TNR from iDreampost.com

Even before the release of the movie, the whole team has been constantly reiterating the point that the movie itself has handpicked every artist and technician for which the audience finally convincingly agree – Karthi replacing Jr. NTR, Tamanna replacing Shruti Haasan.

In the success meet, few of the media people have pointed out that Karthi had more screen time than Nagarjuna or Karthi’s performance was awesome, then I loved the explanation from Vamshi Paidipally – The character which is very jubilant would reach the audience very quickly than the character which is very poised and subtle.

That actually explains why Bangaraju was felt and loved more than Ramu in Soggadae Chinni Nayana – Ramu’s character would be like slow poison as does Vikramadithya’s.

Few ramblings on Oopiri –oopiri moments in the movie

  1. I do not want to say much more about Nagarjuna, or about Karthi, or about Prakash Raj or Tamanna – They have all excelled in their roles; Nagarjuna and Karthi mesmerized the audience with their stellar performances.
  2. The whole movie is an emotional roller-coaster journey – peaks of happiness and sadness in the same screen – the man behind this – Vamshi Paidipally deserves and earns credit for making those emotions portrayed very well on the screen
  3. Cinematography by P S Vinod garu is brilliant. Eiffel Tower was shown so beautifully especially in the night-time when karthi slowly opened the retracted roof top of the car.
  4. There is no villian in oopiri – a very positive sign – spreading the positivity around
  5. Manishi vellina chotikalla manasu velladu – (heart doesn’t go to all the places the man goes) – #Oopiri –  it is absolutely true as we go to so many places on obligation
  6. Background score by Gopi Sunder garu 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  7. Lyrics by Sirivennela garu is very heart touching and thought provoking🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    1. Nuvvemicchavo
      Neekaina adi telusuna
      Nenem pondhaano
      Naa mounam neeku telipenaNuvemichavo telusa vethike kala
      Neevalle kadha kalisa nanne nenila
    2. Oka life song – Ye.. Em ledhani
      Manam choodaligani
      Oopiri ledha
      Oohalu leva
      Neekosam nuvve leva
      Cheekatiki rangulese
      Kalalenno neethodai vasthundaga
      Ontariga life ani
      Aasakkooda aasani kaligincheyi
  8. Some brilliant scenes –
    1. Nagarjuna’s disinterested look with the beard and without any emotions in the initial scene of the movie- the audience could feel what he is going through – the loneliness – and he could not even come out of that in spite of Karthi being besides him as he knows that moment is temporary
    2. Nagarjuna looking at a bird through the window which is flapping its wings  – he sits steadily watching the bird aimagend may be thinking his inability to move his hands/or legs or any part of his body for that matter. If I am not wrong, there are two times we were shown that bird. I have heard a better simile about the bird’s episodes from Vamshi recently in a TV interview – in the initial scene it was flapping its wings but not able to fly (as Vikramadhitya’s inability to move inspite of his active mind), and the bird was flying at Anushka’s episode – where Vikramadhitya’s heart becomes very light as he came to know that she has been so happy with her present life.
    3. when everyone is dancing at his birthday party, Nagarjuna seems happy but once he looks at the legs of people dancing in front of him.
    4. When Karthi puts his hand on Nagarjuna’s hand to express his happiness, gratitude when his sister’s marriage is fixed, Nagarjuna just looks at the hands
    5. The complete painting episode which comeimages at different parts of the movie starting from Nagarjuna buying a painting at the gallery and ends with karthi’s dialogue at the end – ‘dust paper lanti naa jeevithanni oka painting laga marchevu’ –  is simply mind blowing – Vamshi garu 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    6. Someone is praying for the things you take for granted” – clearly expressed by Anushka as she was wondering how could she be so happy with her present life when she had so much hatred for Nagarjuna with whom she was in deep love earlier
    7. I have to see the movie again to refresh my heart and memories. I did see the movie again. I would have seen the movie even more times if it has been screened in Manhattan 🙂

“హేట్సాఫ్‌ టు నాగార్జున గారు. ఆయన ఈ సినిమా చేయనంటే ఊపిరి తీసి ఉండేవాడిని కాదని వంశీ పైడిపల్లి చెప్పాడు. నిజంగా నాగార్జున లేకపోతే ‘ఊపిరి’ లేదు. తెలుగు సినీ చరిత్రలో చిరకాలం నిలిచిపోయే ఎన్నో చిత్రాలని చేసిన నాగార్జున నిజంగా మన తెలుగు చిత్ర సీమకి దొరికిన వరం.” – Ganesh Ravuri

Hats off to Nagarjuna garu, Vamshi Paidipally told that he would not have taken Oopiri movie if Nagarjuna hadn’t had agreed to act in this movie. Truly there is no Oopiri without Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna is a boon to the telugu film industry as he has done movies that could stay eternal in the history of telugu movies – Ganesh Ravuri (translation for the above statement in telugu)

The bottom line is “Oopiri aadakunda chese cinemaluntayi.. oopiri aagipothe bagunnu anipinche cinemalostayi.. Oopiri undaga chudalsina cinemalu #Oopiri lantivi!” – Ganesh Ravuri

As Chaitanya has correctly pointed out in his tweet that the soul of Oopiri is just a simple emotion – #Caring which we forgimageot from time to time.



Oopiri stays as a classic movie as long as cinema lives👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

For the whole cast and crew 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻



“You’ve got to give a little, take a little ” – Guess Who is Coming to Dinner

guesswhoiscomingtodinnerGuess Who Is Coming To Dinner – The film contains a (then rare) positive representation of the controversial subject of interracial marriage, which historically had been illegal in most states of the United States, and still was illegal in 17 states—mostly Southern states—until 12 June 1967.

I have seen this movie several times – I adore this movie – Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy – nailed their performances #ToATee. loved it. No lesser performances from Sidney Poitier and Katharine Houghton (Katherine Hepburn’s niece)

I happened to see this movie again with my niece, Prithi.

small glimpse of the amazing performance from Ms. Hepburn – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7__WVG7vM8

No matter how many times I had seen this movie, I haven’t read about anything related to this movie on the net. I didn’t know anything about off screen details except Ms. Hepburn and Mr. Tracey had a living together relationship. And another interesting fact is she had lived in a townhouse 4 streets away from my place in New York.

Yesterday for some reason I was reading about Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy and I was shocked to know that Spencer Tracy was critically ill when this movie was happening and passed away 2 weeks after this movie finished shooting. He was not alive to see this movie on the big screen and Katherine Hepburn could not see the movie completely as she was emotionally connected to Mr. Tracy and memories of Tracy were so painful. It happened almost 50 years ago, but some how it affected me very much as it happened yesterday and I was choked by emotion and felt very sad as it happened to someone very close to me. and then I started reading about Spencer Tracy and it was very painful to read about his suffering, addiction to alcohol and his infidelity. But somehow I am very happy that he had begun a life long relationship with Katharine Hepburn (for 26 years) and she became devoted to him and their relationship lasted until his death. And Tracy spent the majority of the last two years at home with Hepburn, living what she described as a quiet life: reading, painting and listening to music

Some how I was literally awestruck when I listened to this song yesterday which never happened to me in my earlier views of this movie. Here is the lyrics


You’ve got to give a little, take a little 
And let your poor heart break a little 
That’s the story of, 
That’s the glory of love 

You’ve got to laugh a little, cry a little 
Until the clouds roll by a little 
That’s the story of, 
That’s the glory of love 

As long as there’s the two of us 
We’ve got the world and all its charms 
And when the world is through with us 
We’ve got each other’s arms 

You’ve got to win a little, lose a little 
Yes, and always have the blues a little 
That’s the story of, 
That’s the glory of love 

That’s the story of, 
That’s the glory of love

and watch the full song here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW8qwOrPJQs

Just watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbFOOgXmxD – Mr. Tracy asking the waitress about an ice-cream he has eaten earlier which he did not remember its name and after she served another one which he thought that it would be the one ; but it is not but he liked even the new one she served and telling her to remember its name so that she could serve this one in his next visit – through this whole episode some how he had so many resemblances to my husband and this reminded me my husband.

His Dinner Speech in the movie – must watch- I want to write every word he spoke- every word is priceless – touches my heart very deeply.


“The memories are there: clear, intact and indestructible” so touching, so emotional and it was very heart touching to see the teary eyes of Ms. Hepburn – those certainly speak her love towards him – both real and reel; the concern and emotional roller coaster that she has been on – again both real and reel.

And the astonishing fact is that Mr. Tracy did not appear on the screen that he had been terminally ill. I wonder why he couldn’t get an Oscar for his performance even though he had been nominated for this role, but Ms. Hepburn got the Oscar – well deserved.

Mr. Spencer and Ms. Hepburn – this is a small tribute to my most adorable people, still feeling sad for Mr. Tracy – even when I am penning these few things going over my heart and my mind …. Love you both

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

imageI do not know where to start with. It was released worldwide on 17 July 2015. Of course, like most of the hindi movies this one also screened (still going on) at AMC 25, New York City which is literally backyard to me (about 1.2 miles). But I haven’t thought about going that weekend. And then I tried to go every day in that week including the following weekend, but I could not. Then the following week on Monday, 27 July, I went to my volunteer activity (teaching) after work and I had to pass AMC 25. That day as the school is closing for summer break in a few days, not that many students were attending and I had no student to work with and I was asked to go. It was around 6:25 and there is a show at 6:40 and I told my self “ok, I am going today for sure”, guess what I was in the line (not a big line, as there were many lines, I was second in the line where I was standing, and it is AMC 25, so there are so many movies being screened) and a lady is shouting (may be their electronic system failed to display the status on the screens) that the tickets were sold out for 6:40 Bajrangi Bhaijaan show, until after she shouted for a few times, I haven’t paid attention to her. It is that popular.

so the next few days I was in a popular dilemma “to go” or “not to go” – So finally I tried on Friday, 31 July (3rd Friday after the movie release). The show was at 7:55 and I was at the theater by 7:30, bought the ticket and walked up several escalators to go to the 6th floor, and the theater was almost full except for the first 5 rows. I could get an aisle seat on 9th or 10th row. slowly the first rows rows also been filled up. 3rd Friday after the movie’s release and that was the craze !

I do not remember what (when) was the last movie of  Salman Khan’s  I have seen in the theater or even on the DVD. I haven’t seen any of his so called blockbusters. So coming to the main thread – 🙂 Whom/what should I talk about – the amazing performances of Salman Khan, Harshaali, or Nawazuddin – top notch performances from these 3 artists. The screenplay is very impressive and intelligent at times – intelligent – timagehe way a series of scenes just unfold to get to know the identity of the girl.

I know the story is by VIjayendra Prasad garu, but not sure about how much he has contributed for the screenplay – it is awesome👌🏻

Subtle comedy – few scenes – Every passenger in the bus becomes actively involved in providing the names of the cities when Salman Khan was trying to find the city that the girl belongs to and asks her to nod when he says the correct city and started speaking out the city names …. and another scene in Pakistan – where at some point of the story Salman Khan says Rama would take of the situation and Nawazuddin jokingly asks “even in Pakistan” and Nawazuddin asks Salman to walk like a lady when Salman was wearing a bhurka. There are many scenes with very subtle comedy.

The mental and emotional evolution of Salman’s character from a pure Brahmin who can not even stand the aroma of non veg food from neighbors to walk into a mosque, wearing a bhurkah, walking into Dargah with the belief that offering prayers there would help the girl to meet her parents.

there are few scenes wheimagere anyone would get goosebumps – when Salman saves the girl from the brothel place and at the background Hanuman Chalisa, when the girl meets her mother, the emotional message Nawazuddin sends through social media,  the intense prayers/singing at the Dargah, the integrity of the police officers, and the climax scene when finally the girl gets to speak and shouts ‘mama’ at the border of India and Pakistan.

this movie is simply how Salman transcends from Bhai to Bhaijaan 👌🏻

Baahubali – the beginning …..

imageBaahubali  – the beginning – this is not a review per se. My inner thoughts (anthara madhanam – the thoughts coming To me since I saw the movie yesterday and reading reviews) on SS Rajamouli garu’s passionate piece of work. It is a visual grandeur, let it be the breathtaking water falls, Mahismathi kingdom (especially the aerial view and the night views), the aligning of tattoos on hero and heroine hands, the presence of Ramya Krishna, Anushka, Prabhas, Rana and Satya Raj, etc., etc., etc., yes you read it correctly all of their presence is part of visual grandeur. I intentionally not mentioning the war scenes as part of it as there were so many Telugu films around 1950s and 1960s have conceived and depicted the war scenes very stunningly.

From my childhood, I am not very much interested in folklore movies even though I have seen all movies as we used to go to movies with the whole family. I like mythological over folklore. I have grown up reading chandamama kathalu, I know there is drama in both social and folklore and mythological movies, but some how I am leaned towards nice family social movies, and after I have grown up stuck with nice romantic comedies and very sensitive heart touching movies.

So basically I haven’t expected an intense story line and the story line could be easily predicted by any movie lovers, but I was expecting the grandeur of Rajamouli garu’s vision on the screen which he hasn’t disappointed me with.

Technically the film is brilliant – the art work, cinematography, re recording. Even from the trailer release, I got hooked up to Mamatala thalli odi Baahubali. On the first hearing of audio, i did not connect to the songs, I heard a few times, but my picks are only Mamatala thalli, SIvuni ana. But Keeravani garu’s re recording enhances the visuals very profoundly. Especially in the song deewara – when for the first time Deewara was sung when Prabhas takes a big lap to land on another mountain. My heart pounded excitingly. And also the soothing BGM when Prabhas came to rescue Anushka in the night when on one hand there were flames coming out from one corner of the palace but the music is very soothing.

The dialogues were not intense except for a few here and there – Prabhas’ dialogues about death, Ramya krishna’s dialogues deciding who deserves to be the King, one one-liner that registered in my mind is – when Prabhas and Rana went to search for the thief, Rana asks Prabhas what to use – katthi (sword) or yukthi (tactics of course using brain), then Prabhas’ reply – edi padunuga untae – whichever is sharper – I love it.image

Special  mention to this part of lyrics in Sivuni Ana song – Sivuni Ana ayyindaemo Ganga dariki lingamae kadilosthanandi ….WOW just goosebumps and also after the lingam placed directly under waterfalls – water powerfully falling on the lingam – continuous abhishekam, mere glimpse of that shot gives goosebumps – mere Euphoria 🙏 and the same feeling during the pre interval episode – when every one is shouting Baahubali’s name, which triggers in the intense performance in the girls dancing and in the sannai vayudyam.

The radiant characterizations of Sivagami and Katappa need to be appreciated and applauded 👏👏👏 . I fell in love with those two characters – both are very intense, genuine, loyal, conscientious 🙏, imageRamya Krishna and Satya Raj lived their characters to a tee. No ifs and buts. Ramya Krishna with her robust voice, amazing presence, stellar performance and Satya Raj with his subtle performance steal the hearts of audience is not an exaggeration. Just kudos to Rama garu and Prashanthi garu and the makeup artists for giving such an authentic costumes and beautiful look to already gorgeous Ramya Krishna. image

The whole pre interval episode brings goosebumps to anyone. And for some unknown reason I was choked up emotionally when Prabhas came to rescue Anushka in the night, my heart was pounded with somuch excitement, I really do not know why – may be because Devasena’s belief standing as truth in front of her eyes, may be I wanted to be part of devasena’s happiness as her 25 years of suffering coming to an end, even though I know it is a movie – I lived that moment . another moment I truly lived in this movie is – the performance of katappa when he came to know that Baahubali is alive and standing in front of him and Keeravani garu’s music during that whole episode is exhilarating. Keeravani garu, thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Pic courtsey – Pratyusha

I guess Rana’s introductory scene was depicted more powerfully than Prabhas’. May be that is also intentional as Rajmouli garu wants to showcase the villian as powerful and mighty. That bull fight is amazing and Rana really looks humongous. Rana as Ballaladeva fits to a tee. And his worry during interval episode – as though his statue has been erected but an imaginary humongous statue of Baahubali  scares him intensely. I wanted to capture this but I am totally against piracy so I haven’t used my phone to snap it. But I could not resist stealing it from a facebook friend with little guilt feeling 🙂

Another question that boggles my mind is how could Ramya Krishna and her entourage viewing the war as if they were spectating  a duel fight between their two sons, it is keep on coming to my mind very often, it seems to me very unnatural.

I wonder how Rajamouli would make Prabhas call Anushka as amma? He has completely avoided that scene in part 1, of course Anushka has not properly introduced yet, we have to wait for that 😍.

I know Rajmouli garu’s entire team gave him immense support to bring his dream gets a vivid output. Congratulations to each and every one to make it happen.

Eventhough it has all these fascinating things in and around the movie, it makes me feel it is a good movie visually and technically brilliant movie, but I feel that there is nothing i can take it along with me when I leave the theatre except for a few moments here and there, I do not think that this is because of the movie being in two parts or because of an abrupt end or because of something missing very badly. It pleases my eyes very much, but not touched my heart with the right chord.

The whole movie could be in one part but  Rajamouli garu has a different vision to showcase Prabhas as king in an elaborate way but not in a concise way. Of course we have to wait for another year (hopefully) to see when the movie unveils so many unanswered questions in this part. Or may be he wants to start a trend of sequels in Telugu movies also ….Baahubali 2, Baahubali 3, Baahubali 4,….., Baahubali N 🙂

it is very difficult even to wait for the next day for silly and stupid TV serials, how does he expect us to wait for another year?  Strangely I am fine with it, and wait for Anuska’s,  Prabhas’ , Ramya krishna’s, Rana’s and Satya Raj’s stupendous performances.

When i was reading reviews, there was a lot of praise for thismovie as it is a  war oriented film and about war scenes, etc., etc., etc., and also that we are par with Hollywood standards – that really bothers me as why do we have to benchmark to hollywood standards when SKY IS THE LIMIT (or BEYOND). I guess Rajamouli garu has reached that so called Hollywood standards with EEGA itself. As a person grew up in 1960s, I have seen many war oriented movies in Telugu – both folklore and mythological. The one that came to my mind instantaneously was ‘Veerabhimanya’, 1965 movie based on Mahabharatam.  I searched in you tube and take some snapshots of the war scenes. We should appreciate the work of the present directors but not ignore the glorious periods of Telugu films . (the thing that irritates me was as ‘never ever in Indian cinema’ makes me look for this movie, this is just a sample and there are many movies of this sort came some 50 to 60 years ago) and wars of that calibre were going on and on for days and months in those movies – not one climax scene in a movie for one to one and half hours)image


Kauravas forming their troops into a snake form



Pandavas taking the shape of garuda


War plan


Kauravas Pointing to a war plan and discussing


Kauravas encircle pandavas

Courtesy of the snapshots of Veerabhimnaya – Teluguone on youtube.

I strongly believe that whatever we do with passion and precision, the outcome is always blossoming ! what you do does not matter but how you do is always counts. That is what the success formula of Rajamouli garu. He loves cinema and makes films with so much passion, precision, vision and beyond anything so much trust in his team members and knows how to extract the kind of output he is looking for without any compromise – that shows in the humongous bodies of Prabhas and especially Rana). I am not a big fan of his movies, I always connect to movies with human touch rather than those showcase heroism.

Just to conclude my thoughts …

How could  Katappa being so very professional ( i do not want to use the word  ‘loyal’ here as his character shows top notch professionalism, people who saw the movie know what I am talking about and the subtle difference between those words) kill the king of Mahismathi (has he forcibly mistaken by the evil forces for someone attacking the king), how could Sivagami being an universal mother turns to be cruel (as she herself mentioned in the beginning of the movie that she could be punished for her evil acts but not the innocent child or she is evil from the beginning) are questions boggling in the viewers (at least for me)  mind leaving the theater from Baahubali – the beginning …..

It took 3+ years for Rajamouli garu to conceive and to bring the product in front of us and it took 3+ hours for me to do this write up. Jakkanna garu ayana chitralani malichi thirchi diddinattu, naa article ni nenu alagae chestunnanu :)😊

Oka Laila Kosam

Oka-Laila-Kosam-1814a romantic-com, the genre of movies I love to watch. The lead pair is so cute and their families too. There is no villain per se, neither any evil minded people. Few people come and go for small fights. Fights make me very uneasy while watching movies in theaters. I could forward them while watching on DVD :P.

And I have seen only the characters but not ChaOka laila Kosam movie traileritanya or Pooja. I like Pooja Hegde even when the first trailer was released. No wonder she was the second runner-up at the Miss Universe India 2010 competition. Her presence in the movie is like a fresh breath of air – very fresh.

This is a love story but not like routine storIes where the heroine falls for hero at some point even though their journey starts on a hatred note. There are fewoka laila kosam 2  scenes and dialogues in the trailers which I loved most were not in the movie (edited?). There are few twists in this movie which were not seen in the movies earlier. The hatred of the heroine for the hero continues until the last frame which was not shown in any of the love stories (as far as I could recollect) I have seen earlier. We are used to see either the hero falls for heroine or the other way around for no apparent reason and we take that fact for granted. And I have read in my reviews that is looks silly about namoka laila kosam 3ing a star. They may not know that it could be done for real. And songs, this time I haven’t heard the songs well in advance, (I am still in #ManamMania) – at least all songs until yesterday, I like 3 or 4 songs on my first hearing. But they are very beautifully picturised in the movie. (Y) Congrats to Chaitanya and all the Oka Laila Kosam team. One more last thing – it is an honor to Anup Rubens as Annapurna Studios has taken Manam theme music to represent its banner 🙂


My whimageole day (22 May) is so beautifully wound up with #MANAM, watching the premier reports from Hyderabad and hearing raving compliments from film fraternity and finally watching Manam premier at Times Square, New York. My all time dream to watch Nagarjuna’s movie at Times Square had fulfilled bountifully by giving me an opportunity to watch three generations of Akkinenis at AMC 25 🙂 What more can I ask for ……

image#Manam the much awaited movie of #Akkinenis – a feel good movie, the screenplay is brilliant, I love Anup Ruben’s music, actually I might have listened each song at least 100 times by now – intilo on MacBook, office lo computer lo, walk chesthunnappudu iPod lo, I loved the songs so much I cried so many times listening to the songs, the first time ever in my life I cried just listening to the music. Thanks Anup Rubens for the awesome work. and of course to Chandra Bose garu, for the beautiful lyrics –

Velugutho vachhaenae needala maraenae, velugu needallo thodu neevae

imageవెలుగుతో వచ్చానే నీడలా మారెనే వెలుగు నీడల్లో తోడు నీవే

gundaelo nee vallae savvadae perigaenae gundae thadi nuvvayyavulaeeeee

గుండెలో నీవల్లే సవ్వడే పెరిగేనే గుండె తడి నువ్వాయ్యువులే 

chinni chinni chinni imagechinni chinni asalu naalo regaenae chiru chiru chiru chiru chiru chindulu manasae vaesaenae chitti chitti chitti chitti chitti oohalu edalo oogaenae

చిన్ని చిన్ని చిన్ని చిన్ని చిన్ని ఆశలు నాలో రేగేనే చిరు చిరు చిరు చిరు చిరు చిందులు మనసే వేసేనే చిట్టి చిట్టి చిట్టి చిట్టి ఊహలు ఎదలో ఊగేనే

Idi prema prema thiriguchhae thiyyaga, idi prema prema edurochhae hayiga

ఇది ప్రేమా ప్రేమా తిరిగొచ్చే తియ్యగా ఇది ప్రేమ ప్రేమ ఎదురొచ్చే హాయిగా 

idi manasuni tadimina tadipina kshnam kadha aaaaaaa!

ఇది మనసుని తడిమిన తడిపిన క్షణం కదా 

kanipenimagechina maa ammakae ammayyanuga, nadipinchina maa nannakae nanna ayyanuga

కనిపెంచిన మా అమ్మకే అమ్మయ్యానుగా నడిపించిన మా నాన్నకే నాన్నయ్యనుగా …

I loved the songs so much they have just come and gone in the movie without me enjoying them. I have to see the movie again 😛image

When I saw the first trailor a month ago, and I suspected reincarnation concept, I had my own doubts about the story, and worried that the story might not create great impact on audience and killing four charcters and their rebirth might not get into audience. But Director Vikram Kumar is simply brilliant – a much complicated story has been told very imagesimply. Every artist performed well – ANR garu (has a very brief role), Nagarjuna, Chaitanya, Samantha and Shreya. Samantha has more scope for performance and she did not miss the opportunity. – Exam lo iragadisanu …. and her message to her son ‘ Thank you for selecting me as your amma’ is very heart touching. Mother child relationship has been portrayed very well. Their love is very intense may be that is the reason they have reborn. It is good that they haven’t unfolded all the relations in the movie. I am not sure about Nagarjuna’s, and Shreya’s heartbeat, but my heartbeat increased when I saw Akhil even though I came to know that Akhil had a brilliant entry in this movie. And Nice to see Amala garu for a few seconds in her natural beautiful way and the background classical music is too good. Since Nagarjuna is looking for his mom not for his girl friend, so ignoring Amala garu is fine 😛

imageNagarjuna’s and Shriya’s flashback episode is very sweet and romantic – the whole episode takes us somewhere and of course Nagarjuna looks so handsome :P. The peaks is the marriage scene … so beautiful and romantic …..

imageఎక్కడో ఉన్నవాడిని నీ గుండెల్లో పెట్టుకున్నావ్ మీ ఇద్దరూ కలిసాక అతని గుండె చప్పుడు అయిపోవు – Very heart touching and extremely romantic – a fine example of dialogue writer Harsha Vardhan’s eloquent writing skill …

That whole episode is so romantic I want to fall in love again and again and again, of course with my loving husband only. గుండెలో నీవల్లే సవ్వడే పెరిగేనే గుండె తడి నువ్వాయ్యువులే, ఇది ప్రేమా ప్రేమా తిరిగొచ్చే తియ్యగా ఇది ప్రేమ ప్రేమ ఎదురొచ్చే హాయిగా ఇది మనసుని తడిమిన తడిపిన క్షణం కదా. Ofcourse I have combined the lyrics from two songs, but that is how I feel.

And every episode of Nagarjuna and Samantha is very beautifully portrayed and stays with us throughout and do not leave us even after leaving the theater. I am still in Manam magic …. #MagicContinues !image

And of course the ‘selfie’ episode of Nagarjuna and Chaitanya is very hilarious. It brings smile (and may be laughter) on my face even just by thinking about it.

The only thing I am not comfortable with is the drinking patterns of Chaitanya.

It is very delightful to watch 3(4) Akkinenis on the same screen. When you put your heart and soul into any thing, the outcome is always beautiful and bountiful !

This movie is giving me small hope that I may meet again my beloved ones whom I lost in the past few years would come back to me in this life or in the future lives. HOPE !

Thanks to the cinematographer, Vinod for etching Manam as an అద్భుతమైన దృశ్య కావ్యం!

Finally Manam portrays the Power of Love ! Love is in the Air and Beyond … Love Lives On Beyond Life and Death ….

P.S. I have seen the movie second time again on 23 May. I have never seen a movie back to back on two consecutive days in my life. Thanks for the US distributors, CineGalaxyUSA for screening the movie at AMC 25, Times Square, New York. It is just my backyard and I could watch the movie as many times as I want.

ANR garu vellipothu Akhil ni theesukuni vachhinattu anipinchindi ! #TheCycleContinues #ANRLivesON 🙂 imageAkkinenis





Final tribute to ANR garu by all family members (we hear all voices) and showing ANR garu and Annapurna garu is heart touching !ANRgaru

నువ్వే మా స్పూర్తివి..

నువ్వే మా ఆర్తివి ..

తెలుగు వారి గుండెల్లో శాశ్వతమైన  కీర్తివి…


2 States

Done with #2States – nice, feel good romantic comedy. I enjoyed the movie. Watching a movie at AMC 25 Times Square is itself an experience. Alia Bhatt is very cute and beautiful. I instantaneously fell in love with her. I like Arjun Kapoor much better in this movie than in Gunday. My two most favorite scenes are the way Krish proposed to Ananya’s complete family, and the venue of their wedding – it is so beautiful. Second half seems to be little dragging, I agree with you completely Unnati, but hey you can not have roses without thornsimage image image

Add color to your life ….

ManmadhuduManmadhudu – I do not think anyone could/would dislike this movie.

Many killer one-liners. Nenu nenuga lenae ninna monnala.

Nagarjuna looked stunningly handsome with his elegant business outfits. One of his career best looks. He has justified the title to the TEE. No ifs and buts …manmadhudu

Charminar… adi ammaru…

Nuvvantae enduku ishtamo cheppalenu, kaani entha ishtamo cheppagalanu

Gundello emundho kallalo telusthundi …

erra ravva upma cheyyana, thella ravva upma cheyyana – upma la undae upma cheyyi

Intelligent fellow …

naaku mee aavidini oka sari chudalani undiandi  – thappuuuu

Baaga adadu kadu

mari antha andanga untae nenu chudalenu

photo vachhindi, bag poyindi

evado bridge datithae brahmandam ga untadani annadu, narkeyali vadini

ee technique teliyaka, innaellanunchi anavasarmga enni shoes konnanu

ee mathram clue isthae chalu, chelaregipothanu

idea vintuntaenae entho thrilling ga undi

parigeduthuntae inka thrilling ga untadi

shoes bagunnai mastaru, parigettataniki chala sowkaryamga undi

edo teppinchandi, edo okati tagakapothae chachhipoyaela unnanu

what is this, bill, they paid no? NO


kavalantae eppudaina Paris ki randi kaani maa intiki rakandi

mundu avida nannu preminchindi aa tarvatha nenu preminchalsi vachhindi

Inka Sunil dialogues aithae cheppanakkaraledu – ikkada traffic konchem ekkuvaga undi, nanna nenu Banku, pellikoothuru jumpu… and his moods changing very rapidly putting everyone in tense …

ilantivi enno ennanneno cinema antha, The movie is so fresh. I might have seen this movie countless times. Every time I enjoy the movie as if it is my first time. Devi Sri Prasad rocks with his music,

naa manusunae meetakae nesthama, nakendukila avuthundo cheppava okkasari

Success is not the key to Happiness, Happiness is the KEY to success ani prove chesina Nagarjuna ki janmadina subhakankshalu !!!!

Wishing Nagarjuna a very Happy Birthday and Wishing him Happiness always …

Enगlish Vingliश – Sri Devi’s come back movie

I do not think she wants to come back to the big screen again. But she does come back with Elan for sure. It is a nice feel good movie – not a big graph of emotions, but slightly touches your sensitivities. When you look her face, it is not glorious  as it used to be earlier, You can’t but fall in love with her character; love the beauty of the character; love her subtle expressions; you feel the character and you own the character. Imagine yourself in a place and you don’t know the language of that place except a few words here and there, and what a struggle you have to go through even to answer a question like still water or sparkling water if you want to buy water. And a question on articles of English – ‘the’ – why the United States of America and why not the India? And her strive to learn English just to get respect from her family is very touching. The movie also points out that cooking is an art. Her expressions are very impressive when her instructor called her as an entrepreneur as she does a small-scale business – making snacks at home and sell them. Especially those laddos look so fresh and yummy. I feel like eating them. The best dialogue in the movie is when her niece asked her whether she loves her classmate who is a french guy, “I do not need love and I need respect” – is the basic storyline.

Of course, the movie ends with her nice speech – everyone needs a family as family would support you and respect you irrespective of all your shortcomings. I love the comment by her instructor –  he was impressed by her speech but she missed some a s and the s (articles in English)