Raarandoi Veduka Chuddam

imageMovie chala chala bagundi. Except for 10 min irritating comedy (in the wedding ceremony) in the first half, the rest of the movie is awesome, never seen before Chaitanya and Rakul – i instantaneously fell in love with Siva and Brahmarambha as I thought I would exactly after seeing the teaser  – very genuine emotions and consistency in the characters’ characterizations throughout the movie are very much felt and impressive – the bonding between father and son, father and daughter and mother and daughter – how much parents value their daughter’s behavior, actions and emotions; how strong and adorable mother and daughter characters are; heroine asking her grand mother why she has been misguided all through out life about some prince would come and marry her, otherwise she would have loved Siva; the over pampered girl with so much of innocence but at the same time not hesitating or not even thought of holding back of expressing her feelings contradicting her father’s beliefs in the climax (telling her father that he might have thought that it was deceit but she thinks that it is love regarding the misconception that her dad has against Siva’s dad) and also asking him what if she would have done the same thing as her aunt has done is worth mentioning; even the father is willing to cancel the marriage to honor his daughter’s wish; how much Sampath garu is restrained himself from hitting his wife even though he raised his hand on his wife ( I really respect the director 🙏🏻 for this scene) – many of these kind of scenes and strong characterizations and situations in this movie haven’t gone without being felt and appreciated and finally stating who the real prince in any girl’s life; and how Sampath garu in a very subtle way supports and understands his wife’s fears and feeling and emotions 👌🏻.  I don’t have to mention the breakup scene as Chaitanya just steals our hearts. ❤️❤️❤️

Initially I guess I heard that Samantha is playing against Chaitanya in this movie and the movie’s title is ‘Kalyanam’ and then I read that Rakul is playing the lead role and I was very much disappointed. But after watching the movie (twice already 😍), I can’t even imagine anyone except Rakul as Brahmarambha ❤️ I just fell in love with that character. she is very innocent, beautiful and strong and her traditional outfits are gorgeous.image

one of Chaitanya’s career best performances, he is so adorable; his body language and energy levels are completely different from his earlier movies (may be we have seen this to a certain extent in Thadakha) but this one is more matured and in some scenes, his performance is way above our expectations; sometimes I am little worried that he would take more place in my heart pushing Nagarjuna away – oh no it would not and should not happen 😍image
finally convinced why Nagarjuna has been saying these four characters as four pillars to this movie since the press meet a month ago – I too feel them as four pillars not only as characters but as performers too. I adore mother’s character too.
I loved all the songs and bought them on iTunes and have been listening to them since then, apart from the title track, my top picks are thakita thakajham (both tracks) and nee vente nenutae (DSP 👌🏻) ❤️❤️❤️


Maro janmae anaeduntae korukuntanuga thoduga ninnae

“Maro janmae anaeduntae korukuntanuga thoduga ninnae

Kshanalaina yugalaina vechivuntanuaga veedanu ninnae

Ee Jeevitham oo adbhutham teeyani anubhavam teeyani anubhavam

Bandhalanae mudi vesina premae sasvatham”

Love this song from Greekuveerudu – both the lyrics and the music composition. Reminds me of Mick J Meyer’s compositions. It has been playing in continuous mode on my iTunes on the laptop, and on iPod when I am walking .

Music has so much healing power. It travels with us wherever we go, whatever we do and brings back so many memories – sad, happy and everything in between.

I keep on thinking of my husband when listening to this song, I wish he was here at this moment. Miss you….

Okatae hrudayam kosam ….

This is one of my favorite songs of ANR garu’s movies – Chaduvukunna Ammayilu, I do not remember the movie but I remember this song very well. Comparing himself to a piece of tomato which has been sandwiched between two slices of bread – what a simile; athivila iddari madhyana naa gathini kanuma –

iddaru athivulunna irakatamaenaya Viswadabhirama Vinuravema –

Another one from this movie.

Watched Rajanna movie – a heart and soul touching movie

Watched Rajanna yesterday – I loved the movie – songs, baby Annie, Keeravani garu’s music and BGM, and of course Nagarjuna – everything.

I could not control my tears at various stages of the movie – not the scenes where the girl was physically abused, but at the scenes where she got emotionally attached to her dad and especially when she heard the voice of her dad asking her to sing, oh my God, ‘vey vey’ song is very very inspiring and emotional, and its picturization is awesome, got shivers in the body.

When I heard the audio for the first time – “ee mattolona ekamaina mee amma nannla challani devaenalae neeku sri rama rakshaga” (ఈ మట్టిలోన ఏకమైన మీ అమ్మానాన్నలా   దీవెనలే నీకు శ్రీరామా రక్షగా) – manasantha chala digulugu aipoindi, it happens everytime when I hear that song since then.

And I thought ‘Amma Avani’ was my favorite mainly because of the lyrics at the end of the song – Thalli koraku chesae aa thygamenthadaina dehamaina pranamaina konchaemae kadamma” (తల్లి కొరకు చేసే ఆ త్యాగమెంతధైన దేహమైన ప్రాణమైన కొంచెమే కదమ్మ …. అమ్మ అవని )- it made me think whether I have done anything for my mom.
But as the music is growing over me day by day – it is very hard to pick a favorite from this album – Hats off to the lyrics, lyricists, singers, music director, director and producer – the whole team of Rajanna. I may continue my thoughts on this subject …

Oh My Friend – Aalochana Vasthene

This song from Oh My Friend – I loved it, the lyrics and the way the singers performed, everything. 
Enjoy the song –  Aalochana Vasthene 
Alochana vastene ammo anipisthonde..
nuvvanttu nak kanapadakunte em iyyedoo..
ninnati daka nene nuvvu na pakkana lende unnanate nammalo ledo..
eenadaina emata nethoo….anagalano ledoo..
Hoo antunaadi ne mounam vintunnadi na pranam..
ediiraki telisina satyam vere koradu e skhayamm..
hoo ontariga okka skahanam ninnodalanu e matram..
andhukane gane munde puttii unaa nekosamm…
Charanam 1:
Prayam unna payanam unna padam matram etoo padaduu..
galli nene darini nee nadipisthaga prathi adugu…
bedurugaaa ha tadabade manasidii…
kudurugaa ha nilapava jathapadii…
Hoo antunaadi ne mounam vintunnadi na pranam..
ediiraki telisina satyam vere koradu e skhayamm..
hoo ontariga okka skahanam ninnodalanu e matram..
andhukane gane munde puttii unaa nekosamm…
Charanam 2:
Ne kannulantho chuse dakaa.. 
swapanalante telleevepuduu..
na kala edo gurthinchagaa..
neerupam lo ela epudu
ha kalagani chliyaloo..
haaa aa samayamee haa kalagani chelimithoo…

అందమే ఆనందం ఆనందమే జీవిత మకరందం

I have been listening to the song for so many years but never had seen this video nor I know the name of the movie. Accidentally I found it in the youtube. ANR, Savithri, SVR are very young. They are so fresh so does the song.

Movie’s title is ‘Brathukuteruvu’ and of course sung by none other than the great legend Ghantasala  garu and lyrics by Samudrala.

చిటపట చినుకులు పడుతువుంటే చెలికాడే సరసనఉంటే

One of my all time favorite songs. I remember growing up as a big fan of ANR garu. And of course, I was not very much impressed with Nagarjuna in his earlier days. He has started his career after I moved to US and I watched few of his movies on video cassettes. And I even remember when one of my very close friend told me that her neighbor in India was a big fan of Nagarjuna. And I said ‘ahh’ and passed a surprised look, But I did not have a clue that day that I would become a staunch fan of Nagarjuna. I admire his personality, his screen presence, everything I know about him. Now I started liking Chaitanya from the beginning of his career. He is very focussed, hard-working and I am sure he would see heights in his career. I would never thought or imagine that I would turn out be a loyal fan of three generation heroes from the same family. I know I am a very loyal person, kaani intha loyal ani nakae teliyadu sumi !

Enjoy the song –

Wishing Amala Akkineni to celebrate many more Happy and Healthy ones which she truly deserves ….

One of my favorite persons – simple, amazing and inspirational ….

Remembering few of my favorite songs of Amala and Nagarjuna – an awesome couple !

Shiva – Thanks to Chitra, SPB and one and only Ilayaraja garu
Nirnayam – Janaki gau (my husband’s and my fav singer), Mano and Ilayaraja garu
Prema yuddham

I love these songs to the core. PERIOD.

Naku chala istamaina songslo idi okati – పాడుతా తీయగా చల్లగా

From Moogamanasulu


Gundae mantalaripae sannilu kannilu undamanna undavamma sannalu

poyinollu andaru manchollu unnollu poyinolla teepi guruthulu

Madisi pothae matramame manasu untadi Manasuthoti manusepudo kalisi pothadi

chavu putaka lenidamma nestha mannadi janama janam kadhi mari gattipadathadi

Hats off to Manasu kavi ‘Athreya garu’

I love all most all the songs in this movie. I remembered one instant. I saw this movie (3rd time or 4th time) in Kakinada with my friend Anantha Lakshmi after my undergraduation. I started singing all the songs in the theater. My friend gave me ‘ammo intha scene unda neeku’ ani thanakunna pedda pedda kallotho o look paraesindhi. I just ignored her. I still sing the songs (na manasuki istamainavi, nenu ekkadunnono marichipoyattu chesavi, nannu baaga edipinchaevi) on New York roads hearing them on my Ipod. I enjoyed doing that and I can walk miles and miles only because of those songs.

Thanks to all the lyricists, singers and music directors who make me smile, cry. and all those feelings in between.

In this connection, Dr. Gurava Readdy – Joint Replacement Surgeon and CEO of Sunshine Hospital in Hyderabad (I came to know him recently) has written in his book ‘Guravayanam’ – 

మనల్ని వెంటాడి వేదించడం చేతకానిది పాటా కాదు. దిగుళ్ళతోనో, మనసు గుబుళ్లతోనో,  వెన్నెల రాత్రుల్లోనో,ఒంటరి సాయంత్రోలోనో, ఏ వ్యాపకం లేని అనుత్సాహకర సమయలాలోనో ఆత్మీయంగా మన ఒళ్ళంతా తడిమి సేద దీరుస్తుఉంటాయి , జోల పాడతాయి, నిద్ర పుచ్చుతాయి.

Guravayanam gurinchi telusukovalantae naa future blogs gurinchi wait cheyyandi. Naaku chala rayalani undi aa book gurinchi, Gurava Reddy gari gurinchi kooda.