Humongous Icons

My dad and my husband – the former believed in “Work is Worship” and the latter in “Service to Humanity is Service to God”.

They not only believed in those principles but practised them throughout their lives.

My DadMy father worked as a Chemistry lecturer and then worked as the Principal for AMAL College (Anakapalle) and I was born and brought up at that place. He had a passion for teaching. Physical Chemistry was on the tip of his tongue and completely in his brain – he didn’t need a reference book while teaching at the college or at home. He taught Chemistry to many students even after his retirement for free of cost.

Then came my husband, whom I met in New York, was an Economics and English lecturer in Kurnool before he got selected in the Service Commission exams. After that he worked as an IAS officer, TTD Commissioner etc., in various categories, and he came to this country to manage and administer Hindu temples. And he too had a passion for teaching and he truly believed in ‘vidya danam is the highest danam amongst all charities‘ – as education stays for the life of the person whom we taught and it may change their lives for better.

 I had two huge icons in my life and I have a passion for teaching too. Unfortunately those two big icons are not with me physically today but they are always with me in spirit and guide me in the future. I really miss them a lot. Especially my husband who was with me for 30 years, practically I had grown up with him and the very best friend I had with whom I could communicate every little thing that had happened to me on every single day. It was a huge loss to me.

  My husband all his life worked for humanitarian causes and his heart was always with the underdog. I never saw him angry, sad, jealous, etc., etc., He always stayed calm and showed persistence when faced with difficult situations.    
మనసా వాచా కర్మణ my husband believed in “తక్కువేమీ మనకు బాబా ఒక్కడుండువరకు”
And my heart is very close to kids and education, I have started to do volunteer service – teaching English and Math to GED and SAT students. And I want to go beyond and praying to Baba to guide me in the right direction and give me enough endurance to reach my destination and to make my dad and my husband proud of me.

If I really help change the lives of at least a few people, I would feel that I have some meaning for my mere existence.

Until recently I believed that I am trying to change the lives of some people, but my perspective of my own actions has drastically changed after I saw the movie The Blind Side.

4 thoughts on “Humongous Icons

  1. Nenu Inkonni years venaka puttivunte, tattayya gari tho memories vundevi. I tried to buy his chemistry book. I searched like anything when I was in india and even online. I want to have it in my bookshelf somehow.

  2. Sarada garu, whether you may remember or not. My father late Sri Grandhi Rangarao was President of A.M.A.L.College when your father was working as Principal. In which year you studied in that college. My sister Mrs. Surya Prabha also studied in the same college with MPC. Very happy to meet you through this and friendship may go on in future. If you can drop a message to the below mail,, I feel too happy . GMC PRASAD

    • It is very nice to meet you and to know that we are from the same place. World is very small :). I was talking to my sister about you and your family, she had some good memories. What is your mom’s name ?I have sent an email last week. I hope you got it.

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