Baahubali – the beginning …..

imageBaahubali  – the beginning – this is not a review per se. My inner thoughts (anthara madhanam – the thoughts coming To me since I saw the movie yesterday and reading reviews) on SS Rajamouli garu’s passionate piece of work. It is a visual grandeur, let it be the breathtaking water falls, Mahismathi kingdom (especially the aerial view and the night views), the aligning of tattoos on hero and heroine hands, the presence of Ramya Krishna, Anushka, Prabhas, Rana and Satya Raj, etc., etc., etc., yes you read it correctly all of their presence is part of visual grandeur. I intentionally not mentioning the war scenes as part of it as there were so many Telugu films around 1950s and 1960s have conceived and depicted the war scenes very stunningly.

From my childhood, I am not very much interested in folklore movies even though I have seen all movies as we used to go to movies with the whole family. I like mythological over folklore. I have grown up reading chandamama kathalu, I know there is drama in both social and folklore and mythological movies, but some how I am leaned towards nice family social movies, and after I have grown up stuck with nice romantic comedies and very sensitive heart touching movies.

So basically I haven’t expected an intense story line and the story line could be easily predicted by any movie lovers, but I was expecting the grandeur of Rajamouli garu’s vision on the screen which he hasn’t disappointed me with.

Technically the film is brilliant – the art work, cinematography, re recording. Even from the trailer release, I got hooked up to Mamatala thalli odi Baahubali. On the first hearing of audio, i did not connect to the songs, I heard a few times, but my picks are only Mamatala thalli, SIvuni ana. But Keeravani garu’s re recording enhances the visuals very profoundly. Especially in the song deewara – when for the first time Deewara was sung when Prabhas takes a big lap to land on another mountain. My heart pounded excitingly. And also the soothing BGM when Prabhas came to rescue Anushka in the night when on one hand there were flames coming out from one corner of the palace but the music is very soothing.

The dialogues were not intense except for a few here and there – Prabhas’ dialogues about death, Ramya krishna’s dialogues deciding who deserves to be the King, one one-liner that registered in my mind is – when Prabhas and Rana went to search for the thief, Rana asks Prabhas what to use – katthi (sword) or yukthi (tactics of course using brain), then Prabhas’ reply – edi padunuga untae – whichever is sharper – I love it.image

Special  mention to this part of lyrics in Sivuni Ana song – Sivuni Ana ayyindaemo Ganga dariki lingamae kadilosthanandi ….WOW just goosebumps and also after the lingam placed directly under waterfalls – water powerfully falling on the lingam – continuous abhishekam, mere glimpse of that shot gives goosebumps – mere Euphoria 🙏 and the same feeling during the pre interval episode – when every one is shouting Baahubali’s name, which triggers in the intense performance in the girls dancing and in the sannai vayudyam.

The radiant characterizations of Sivagami and Katappa need to be appreciated and applauded 👏👏👏 . I fell in love with those two characters – both are very intense, genuine, loyal, conscientious 🙏, imageRamya Krishna and Satya Raj lived their characters to a tee. No ifs and buts. Ramya Krishna with her robust voice, amazing presence, stellar performance and Satya Raj with his subtle performance steal the hearts of audience is not an exaggeration. Just kudos to Rama garu and Prashanthi garu and the makeup artists for giving such an authentic costumes and beautiful look to already gorgeous Ramya Krishna. image

The whole pre interval episode brings goosebumps to anyone. And for some unknown reason I was choked up emotionally when Prabhas came to rescue Anushka in the night, my heart was pounded with somuch excitement, I really do not know why – may be because Devasena’s belief standing as truth in front of her eyes, may be I wanted to be part of devasena’s happiness as her 25 years of suffering coming to an end, even though I know it is a movie – I lived that moment . another moment I truly lived in this movie is – the performance of katappa when he came to know that Baahubali is alive and standing in front of him and Keeravani garu’s music during that whole episode is exhilarating. Keeravani garu, thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Pic courtsey – Pratyusha

I guess Rana’s introductory scene was depicted more powerfully than Prabhas’. May be that is also intentional as Rajmouli garu wants to showcase the villian as powerful and mighty. That bull fight is amazing and Rana really looks humongous. Rana as Ballaladeva fits to a tee. And his worry during interval episode – as though his statue has been erected but an imaginary humongous statue of Baahubali  scares him intensely. I wanted to capture this but I am totally against piracy so I haven’t used my phone to snap it. But I could not resist stealing it from a facebook friend with little guilt feeling 🙂

Another question that boggles my mind is how could Ramya Krishna and her entourage viewing the war as if they were spectating  a duel fight between their two sons, it is keep on coming to my mind very often, it seems to me very unnatural.

I wonder how Rajamouli would make Prabhas call Anushka as amma? He has completely avoided that scene in part 1, of course Anushka has not properly introduced yet, we have to wait for that 😍.

I know Rajmouli garu’s entire team gave him immense support to bring his dream gets a vivid output. Congratulations to each and every one to make it happen.

Eventhough it has all these fascinating things in and around the movie, it makes me feel it is a good movie visually and technically brilliant movie, but I feel that there is nothing i can take it along with me when I leave the theatre except for a few moments here and there, I do not think that this is because of the movie being in two parts or because of an abrupt end or because of something missing very badly. It pleases my eyes very much, but not touched my heart with the right chord.

The whole movie could be in one part but  Rajamouli garu has a different vision to showcase Prabhas as king in an elaborate way but not in a concise way. Of course we have to wait for another year (hopefully) to see when the movie unveils so many unanswered questions in this part. Or may be he wants to start a trend of sequels in Telugu movies also ….Baahubali 2, Baahubali 3, Baahubali 4,….., Baahubali N 🙂

it is very difficult even to wait for the next day for silly and stupid TV serials, how does he expect us to wait for another year?  Strangely I am fine with it, and wait for Anuska’s,  Prabhas’ , Ramya krishna’s, Rana’s and Satya Raj’s stupendous performances.

When i was reading reviews, there was a lot of praise for thismovie as it is a  war oriented film and about war scenes, etc., etc., etc., and also that we are par with Hollywood standards – that really bothers me as why do we have to benchmark to hollywood standards when SKY IS THE LIMIT (or BEYOND). I guess Rajamouli garu has reached that so called Hollywood standards with EEGA itself. As a person grew up in 1960s, I have seen many war oriented movies in Telugu – both folklore and mythological. The one that came to my mind instantaneously was ‘Veerabhimanya’, 1965 movie based on Mahabharatam.  I searched in you tube and take some snapshots of the war scenes. We should appreciate the work of the present directors but not ignore the glorious periods of Telugu films . (the thing that irritates me was as ‘never ever in Indian cinema’ makes me look for this movie, this is just a sample and there are many movies of this sort came some 50 to 60 years ago) and wars of that calibre were going on and on for days and months in those movies – not one climax scene in a movie for one to one and half hours)image


Kauravas forming their troops into a snake form



Pandavas taking the shape of garuda


War plan


Kauravas Pointing to a war plan and discussing


Kauravas encircle pandavas

Courtesy of the snapshots of Veerabhimnaya – Teluguone on youtube.

I strongly believe that whatever we do with passion and precision, the outcome is always blossoming ! what you do does not matter but how you do is always counts. That is what the success formula of Rajamouli garu. He loves cinema and makes films with so much passion, precision, vision and beyond anything so much trust in his team members and knows how to extract the kind of output he is looking for without any compromise – that shows in the humongous bodies of Prabhas and especially Rana). I am not a big fan of his movies, I always connect to movies with human touch rather than those showcase heroism.

Just to conclude my thoughts …

How could  Katappa being so very professional ( i do not want to use the word  ‘loyal’ here as his character shows top notch professionalism, people who saw the movie know what I am talking about and the subtle difference between those words) kill the king of Mahismathi (has he forcibly mistaken by the evil forces for someone attacking the king), how could Sivagami being an universal mother turns to be cruel (as she herself mentioned in the beginning of the movie that she could be punished for her evil acts but not the innocent child or she is evil from the beginning) are questions boggling in the viewers (at least for me)  mind leaving the theater from Baahubali – the beginning …..

It took 3+ years for Rajamouli garu to conceive and to bring the product in front of us and it took 3+ hours for me to do this write up. Jakkanna garu ayana chitralani malichi thirchi diddinattu, naa article ni nenu alagae chestunnanu :)😊