Gutthi vankaya


6 long tender egg plants
1/2 packet garlic chutney karam
Onions 2 to 3 big
Salt, turmeric, oil
Dry Coriander powder 3 to 4 tea spoons (dhania powder)
Little urud dal, cumin , mustard, curry leaves for seasoning, sliced soaked almond pieces


Cut each eggplant into 4 to 5 pieces each piece is about an inch to inch and half and cut each piece horizontally and vertically (little cut) at one side or both sides which could be used to stuff the onion karam.

Cut all the onions into very small pieces and add the garlic chutney powder, turmeric, coriander powder, little salt and 3 to t table spoons of oil and mix them thoroughly with a spoon. The whole mixture should have little moisturized texture. Stuff little bit of that mixture into each piece. Put some oil into a pan, add some turmeric powder and add these pieces and cook them for a while, once they get little cooked, add any of the spice mixture leftover to it and cook for some more time. since the eggplants are very tender, do not cook them for long time, only until the egg plant becomes little softer and just watch it carefully not to burnt the onions in the process. Add enough oil so that everything gets cooked well. Sauté some urud dal and other seasonings separately and add it the curry almost at the end so that they would be little crispier. Garnish with coriander leaves and sliced almond pieces.