Malli Malli idi Rani Roju

I have been waiting to see this movie since its release. Eventhough I was in Hyderabad when it is being played in theaters, I could not see it.

Today it was telecasted on Maa TV and I have been waiting to watch it since last week. Finally I watched it. It is a nice #ROMANTIC love story, not all love stories are romantic defacto. It got little slow at times, but that is perfectly ok. It touched my heart – it is not a great love story, neither the screenplay nor the music, but just by the performances of the lead cast. What naturals both Nithya Menon and Sarvanand are, and some of the dialogues and the acting of both the hero and heroine just touch your heart and want to stay there.

In this journey, you walk with the characters …..malli malli idi rani roju 1 malli malli idi rani roju 2malli malli idi rani roju 3

malli malli idi rani roju 4 and finally feel like you should be just sitting with your beloved one at the seashore and just engross yourself with nature and enjoy the bliss of togetherness/eternal love 

I just fell in love with this last scene – just sitting next to each other enjoying the bliss of togetherness – those simple moments in life will give enormous strength to fight any battles …malli malli idi rani roju 5