Meelo evaru Koteeswarudu

Yesterday I staimagerted a tweet for Nagarjuna about #MEK program – since he has excelled as a small screen TV Host, I would like to suggest to him to have an episode with popular telugu TV anchors – of course I have mainly Suma and Jhansi in my mind. But for some reason, before I framed my tweet, I got distracted and did not send the tweet. But whatever I have been thinking for the last few days has been already materialized, today I saw the promo of #MEK with Suma and Jhansi in the hot seats and it is going to be broaimagedcasted on this Sunday (MAA TV has added an additional day too – Sunday) 🙂

I guess Sundays would be shows with celebrities ! manasulo edi anukuntae adi materialize aipothuntae, I am on #Cloud9. Of course thanks to Baba. Edo cinemalo dialogue gurthu vasthundi (i guess it is from SUthradharulu) – Manishi sankalpam Chesthadu devudu daniki pranam posthadu …మనిషి సంకల్పం చేస్తాడు దేవుడు దానికి ప్రాణం పోస్తాడు ! Man (woman) initiates the thought and God gives Life to it !

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Happiness ….

School can be replaced by anything. HopingIntoTheBed is the best thing.. That is what I have done during this long weekend. I haven’t had a memory of being in the bed most of the time in a two-day period except when I was sick and I do not even remember being sick for more than a day. My marathon has started around 4 pm Thursday, 3 July – we had an early release from work at 3 pm as we had a long weekend a head. Started watching you tube – #MEK, a few of earlier shows of it and some other game shows; Serials (I normally do not watch serials as I do not want to addict to them – but I got used to watching them for time pass when I was at my sister’s place for almost 3 months at the end of last year. So I hooked up to 2 serials – chinnari Pelli kuthuru and Sasirekha Parinayam, the latter one with due respect to Annapurna Studios even though it was a boring one. So I was catching up earlier shows of Chinnari Pelli kuthuru);  jumping in between iPad and Macpro (charging one and watching on another) back to back and sleeping around 3 a.m. The marathon of being in bed and watching you tube continues until Sunday morning except for my Revitalization of East River Park project on Saturday for 3 hours plus 2 hours of walking, my cooking time is very minimal only one dish for the whole day and I am absolutely fine with it (and fasting during day time on Thursday and Friday also helped). Crying while watching very earlier episodes of Chinnari Pelli Kuthuru also cleanse my heart and eyes. Cried because of the rights and happiness being taken away from a small girl who loves to study and be happy – and all the vicious attempts to take away those rights made me cry and I won’t be embarassed for being emotional rather I would be proud !

Very relaxing and looking forward to more of these sort of moments. Happiness is what you like to do.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness – Charles Spurgeon

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. - Dalai Lama

#WeekendWellSpent 😛

రాజు గారు ఏడు చేపల కథ (Raju garu edu chepala katha)

Anaga anaga Oka raju, aa raju ki 7guru Kodukulu
aa  Kodukulu oka roju vetaku velli 7 Chepalu Thecharu,
aa 7 chepalu Endalo Pettaru kani avi endaledhu
appudu aa  Raju kodukulu Chepala dhaggaraku velli
 Chepa Endhuku Enda ledhau ani adigaru
Gaddi metu addu vachindhi ani cheppindhi chepa

gaddi metu daggaraku velli Gaddi metu Gaddi metu endhuku endaledhu ani adigaru Aavu Nannu Tinaledhu ani cheppindhi Gaddi metu

Aavu Dhaggaraku velli Aavu Aavu Endhuku tinaledhu ani adigaru
Naa Palu tiyaledhu andhuku nenu gaddi tinaledhu andhi aavu

Palu tise vadi daggaraku velli palu endhuku tiyaledhi ani adigadu
maa papa edchindhi andhuke tiyaledhu annadu

Papa Dhaggaraku velli Papa Papa Endhuku Edchav ani adigaru
Chima Kuttindhi ani Cheppindhi papa

Chima Chima Endhuku aa Papa ni kuttav ani adigaru
Naa Bangaru puttolo Velu Pedithe Nenu Kuttana ani cheppindhi chima

We have all grown up hearing this story innumerable times – అమ్మ ఒడిలో గోరుముద్దలు తింటూ లెక్క లేనన్ని సార్లు విన్న కథ – bed time story, lunch/dinner time story etc., etc., etc.,

I always try to remember the flow of the story whenever I hear the story. More concentration on the memory – to remember the step after step. But never thought of that it was a story of excuses and explanations for not doing a thing(s).

A great insight into the story was given by Nagarjuna on the third episode of Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu (MEK) hosted by Nagarjuna on Maa TV. I got very excited and thrilled to hear this. I would have felt the same way if I heard this explanation from anyone. For a few moments I even felt ashamed of not being able to see the story in this perspective ever in my entire life.

– We can come up with 100 reasons for not doing a task. but to get that thing done, we need only one reason – our sankalpam (resolution), our attempt !

ఒక పని జరగక పోవడానికి వంద కారణాలు చెప్పవచ్చు
కానీ ఆ పని జరగడానికి ఒకే ఒక్క కారణం – మన సంకల్పం మన ప్రయత్నం !
After hearing this and looking at the story in a new angle, the angle which I even not knowing had existence, I have been very careful in every little chore of my life. Such a big #PositiveImpact it created !