In a blissful and blessed state with Shiridi Sai Baba songs

1 August 2012

The songs are really haunting. I am in a bliss since last night. I could not sleep until 2 a.m. one song competes with the other. you can easily go into trance with Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai bhajan, but unfortunately this is not part of the movie and vasthunna baba takes you to an emotional peak. SPB garo pranam posaru Kudos to Chandra Bose garu for the lyrics, Babanae vachhi matladuthunnattu anipinchindi. Abshikham song is awesome – with milik, honey, sandal, water and vibhuthi. I am really really in a blissful state. Nagarjuna nijanga edo punyam chesukunnadu itu vanti movies lo act cheyyataniki. I wish the entire team the very best …

2 September

More than a month since the audio released. The songs are still haunting me. I am not able to hear or enjoy other movie songs. I asked my Unnati to send me the audio CD immediately after the release and I asked to her to rush as if I am blessed enough I would get Baba vibhuthi too. As far as I know, I do not think Unnu has acted this efficient for any one or for any thing. I am really happy, proud and blessed to have her in my life. I got the audio CD exactly within a week of its release in India. She has also sent me Life is beautiful and Gabbar Singh (on my request). I haven’t heard those songs till date

I am still in the blissful state of experiencing Baba’s presence very strongly in each and every one of my daily chores. For the last few days, songs are being played on my iPod (with speakers) 24/7. I could even listen to those songs in my deep sleep. When I am in the office, they are being played on my iTunes.

At Shirdi Sai audio songs platinum disk celebrations, Keeravani garu rightly attributed this success to a team’s effort. I totally agree with that, as the lyricists penned easy to understand lyrics, and the singers gave life to the songs with their beautiful voices under the guidance of an efficient music director Keeravani garu. And the final product is a testimony of the devotion towards Baba for Raghavendra Rao garu and Mahesh Reddy garu’s family. That could clearly shown at the audio release function where Mahesh Reddy garu’s father moved emotionally by literally shedding tears.

At one of the interviews (Raja Rajanna – with Nagarjuna after Rajanna movie released), Rajamouli garu praising Keeravani garu by saying that if anything that deals with our roots, there is no music director who could beat Keeravan garu. No doubt, that is an absolute truth. And I am so thrilled that he is my favorite hero’s favorite music director.

As the movie’s release is around the corner, I am praying for Baba’s blessings on the entire team and wishing the entire cast and crew the very best !!!