Oka Laila Kosam

Oka-Laila-Kosam-1814a romantic-com, the genre of movies I love to watch. The lead pair is so cute and their families too. There is no villain per se, neither any evil minded people. Few people come and go for small fights. Fights make me very uneasy while watching movies in theaters. I could forward them while watching on DVD :P.

And I have seen only the characters but not ChaOka laila Kosam movie traileritanya or Pooja. I like Pooja Hegde even when the first trailer was released. No wonder she was the second runner-up at the Miss Universe India 2010 competition. Her presence in the movie is like a fresh breath of air – very fresh.

This is a love story but not like routine storIes where the heroine falls for hero at some point even though their journey starts on a hatred note. There are fewoka laila kosam 2  scenes and dialogues in the trailers which I loved most were not in the movie (edited?). There are few twists in this movie which were not seen in the movies earlier. The hatred of the heroine for the hero continues until the last frame which was not shown in any of the love stories (as far as I could recollect) I have seen earlier. We are used to see either the hero falls for heroine or the other way around for no apparent reason and we take that fact for granted. And I have read in my reviews that is looks silly about namoka laila kosam 3ing a star. They may not know that it could be done for real. And songs, this time I haven’t heard the songs well in advance, (I am still in #ManamMania) – at least all songs until yesterday, I like 3 or 4 songs on my first hearing. But they are very beautifully picturised in the movie. (Y) Congrats to Chaitanya and all the Oka Laila Kosam team. One more last thing – it is an honor to Anup Rubens as Annapurna Studios has taken Manam theme music to represent its banner 🙂