Calcium and Sesame

For the past several weeks I have been prevented from having my regular routine – Zumba, pro step, once in a while Pilates, fluidity classes, with a lingering pain in my left leg. I am able to walk without much difficulty and was walking around 3 miles everyday, but not able to put any weight on that leg. I had ultra sound which came negative for blood clots and cysts, and then I insisted to have bone density test, and vericose veins to get tested. While I was waiting to get my bone density test results, I had a seen a physiatrist who had done another ultra sound and in vain in finding any major tendon issues but recommended to have some physio therapy sessions. But then we found out that calcium levels are not that good. I used to take calcium with vitamin D and have stopped for almost 8 months. So I am in a serious business looking for calcium rich foods besides taking 1200mg Calcium with 1000mg vitamin D.

Few days before I came to know about my calcium levels, I came to read an interview with Amala Akkineni. She was asked how she has been managing her calcium intake being a vegan (as milk and milk products are the best source of natural calcium) She revealed that sesame seeds are much better option than milk but they are not been marketed well. That interview came to my mind and I started researching on Sesame seeds and found this article which confirmed what Amala has told.

we will be pleasantly shocked to know  – Just a quarter cup of natural sesame seeds provides more calcium than a whole cup of milk. A quarter cup of raw natural sesame seeds has 351 mg of calcium while one cup of non-fat milk has 316.3 mg, and one cup of whole milk has only 291 mg of calcium. Plus, they are alkaline whereas milk is acidic.

Check this link – save our bones

Then I remembered chimili – made with sesame seeds and brown sugar (grind them together and make small balls out of the powder) and offered to Nagendra Swamy on Nagula Chavithi. I became littlimagee nostalgic with my childhood/ early adulthood memories – when we were in Anakapalli used to go puttalu to offer prayers and prasadam to Nagendra Swamy and everyone of us was very eager to eat chimili on our way back home. after coming home, my mom had to make more of those as everyone was very fond of them and finished the prasadam even before we had reached home 😊

Very interesting facts about sesame seeds

so I did not hesitate to wait animagey more – immediately ground sesame and brown sugar and taking it to my heart’s content. Not only this I am very conscientiously making modifications in my diet and started adopting that plan from today which includes foods with more natural calcium – yogurt (made with 1% milk) with oatmeal, tofu (which has good amounts of calcium), fruit smoothies (strawberry, green apple ) with 1% milk, and leafy vegetables, fortified unsweetened soy milk ( I have been using unsweetened soy milk for so long which does not have any calcium so switching to fortified version )  – completely turned off rice, roti etc,., (may be once in a while)

another comparative chart of calcium in various foods – source

Many doctors who work with their patients for regaining their health through dietary change are turning towards plant-based sources for calcium. They provide an easily absorbable source of calcium. Currently, most urban societies believe that milk is the main source of calcium. Consider the calcium content in the following food products per 100 gram portion:

Cow’s Milk 120 mg
Almonds     234 mg
Sesame Seeds Unhulled 1160 mg
Ragi             344 mg
Chickpeas  150 mg

i strongly believe in things happen for a reason – my lingering leg pain made me identify my calcium levels – otherwise I would have broken my bones just by getting anxious – that is the severe consequence of osteoporosis- you might get fractures just by being anxious. I hope I won’t reach that state. Praying to baba 🙏🏻 to take care of me.